There doesn’t have to be a point

Out of the blue, I remembered this blog. It’s been over a year since I posted, and even then it was the tiniest of essays–a micro-essay, I suppose.

I’ve fallen out of the habit of creative writing.

Partly it’s because I don’t have a lot to say these days–so many words out there floating around already, who needs more? Partly it’s because my little writing community drifted apart–I’m not the only one to have essentially retired from writing. And partly because I’ve become more enamored with taking literal snapshots of life via my camera than with weaving imagined snapshots into words.

Though all this is true, I’ve stopped short of closing down this site.

I am finished with writing.” I thought as I skimmed through the archives. “What’s the point of keeping the blog?”

But even as I felt a momentary decision to close it down,  I knew there doesn’t have to be point to keeping this blog. The truth is that the words will return one of these days–and they’ll need someplace to rest.




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6 responses to “There doesn’t have to be a point

  1. How productive that little community once was. And some real quality within it, too. What I wouldn’t give for an eighth day each week, though I’m sure I’d still find other stuff to fill it with that wasn’t writing. I keep that place open for the same reason as you. I love that people can stumble there by mistake or head there by design. I commented on a writer’s post a few days ago and was tweeted immediately by the author to go and read her reply. She’d been close to making it her last post because no-one seemed to read the blog any more. That comment made her rethink: that little shot of acknowledgement, which is all that any of us seek. We should make a pact to write once more. I’ll always come back here if you do.

    • You sure know how to bring a smile on, Matt. I honestly thought that if I’d forgotten this place then maybe it didn’t really exist anymore. But you’re still there, aren’t you? 🙂 Okay, I agree to the pact–I can’t imagine passing up such a kind invitation.
      (And I happily hold you responsible for my love of Instagram. I’ve been seeing the world in a different way since I started taking photos. Thank you!)

  2. Michelle Foster

    I’d love to follow you on instagram too if it’s anything as insightful and beautiful visually as your blog has been with the written word!

    • Oh, that is so kind of you to say, Michelle, thank you! I’m still learning about photography, but I do love the different perspective it offers. My Instagram handle is emceejenkins–my account is locked because of a recent invasion of pornbots, but I’ll keep my eye out for you.

      I highly recommend following the gorgeous Instagram account of my friend Matt Inwood (above), who is a wonderful photographer in addition to being a highly gifted writer. He’s at matt_inwood on Instagram, and his blog is

  3. Hello! I just stumbled on a link to this while clearing out my emails. I too, have often wondered whether to close down my blog or leave it there to return to one day. I miss the days when we all wrote, and talked to each other. Closing it down seems far too final, like breaking off a relationship, so I leave it there.
    But one day soon, one day…..

  4. Yay! So lovely to see your comment, Sharon. I know what you mean about feeling that letting go of the blog is a bit more than just closing a web page. I’ve been thinking more and more about this place, so my “one day soon” is still on the horizon. I’m keeping the door open. xo

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