I heard that song

I heard that song. The dreamy, melancholy one.

A father to a child.

And had a moment –you know the ones—

where the world becomes a film and the song a soundtrack.

I looked out at the sunlit day, the lazily turning autumn leaves.

And imagined your child, man-child, in among the tubes and wires and sounds.

Your exhausted wife at vigil.

And the man sings, “May all your days be gold, my child.”

This day is gold. This moment, light here, miles away.

Dark where you are, even at noon, waiting for rare, bright moments of hope—

flashing for a moment here and for a moment there.

The spaces between

shapeless, long, and gray.


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One response to “I heard that song

  1. ‘Dark where you are’; ‘shapeless, long and gray’; ‘the lazily turning autumn leaves’… Again, you paint place and time (and its passing) so well. And you freeze it too, and you make us see it and then wonder at recognising it. And you rarely waste a word in doing all of this.

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