Root and Branch

I have no business starting another blog, but it appears I can’t help myself. My other blog, Too Fond of Books, is a non-traditional book review blog that I started in 2008. I started it for two reasons: to get myself writing again and to offer a place for friends to go for book recommendations (since they were always asking me anyway). I didn’t want to do a personal blog because I thought they were, well, boring.

Over the last year or so, however, writing only about books started to feel a little constricting. And I worried, too, that I was using books as a crutch for my writing–It was safe to write if I had a book to attach my ideas to rather than throwing them out into the world willy nilly. Joining Twitter only made my restlessness to write more and to write differently grow. I came upon a group of writers who write creative nonfiction blogs just because they want to. These are not the dull personal blogs I’d grown tired of; the posts on these blogs are beautifully written essays that, yes, have a personal story to tell, but go beyond where I thought “personal” blogs  could go. (Clearly, I had thrown the baby out with the bathwater when I gave up looking for good blogs to read.)

So, here I am. Inspired by some good role models, I’m throwing the door open to see what happens. Maybe nothing. Maybe many things. My ideas range far and wide, and here’s a blank page.

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